is it safe to travel to turkey? Traveling Turkey during Ramadhan

is it safe to travel to turkey bodrum

Do you have plans to visit turkey in the month of Ramadan this year? If yes then it is important that you read this article, so the question is it safe to travel to turkey Which often crossed your mind also another question for who want to visit turkey is it safe to visit turkey in ramadan? And how does ramadhan influence in turkey affect your holiday? Also what if you are an american citizen, is it safe to visit turkey or any other Islamic country? Keep reading this article and you will get enlightenment.

is it safe to travel to turkey at the moment

is it safe to travel to turkey at the moment

A glimpse of Ramadan

What is Ramadan? Ramadan is a month-long Muslim celebration, which involves and follow Muslims around the world to refrain from letting anything pass their mouths from sunrise to sunset. This means not eating, drinking or even smoking during the day. Then, within half an hour before sunset, the restaurant was filled, blankets scattered in the garden and loaded with food. After hearing the call for prayer or cannon fire, Muslims break their fast with a meal called Iftar. Usually people will say “happy breaking fast”. Ramadan in Turkey Fortunately, compared to other Arab countries, Turkey is much more flexible in terms of fasting rules for foreigners, you will not be jailed or beaten because you are not fasting. It’s just for Muslims who do not fast should respect the fasting by not eating and drinking in public places. Even many tourists in Istanbul and along the coastal cities of Kusadasi, Marmaris and Bodrum are free to eat and drink in public places. There are some more conservative areas such as in central Anatolia, such as Cappadocia and Konya, will see shorter restaurant opening hours, fasting people and eating with big families at sunset. You will not get Alcohol, (especially in Konya) for a month. As a tourist you are not required to Eat, Drink, Smoking and You will not be expected to fast. In some of the more conservative hotel kitchens will serve food during the day, but you may have to indulge in indoors, away from the general public as your respect for the fasting person. One of turkey’s unique customs in Ramadan is that they love to share food or take you to dinner together at sunset, even though you are not a Muslim.

is it safe to travel to turkey as an american

Routine Visiting Mosque After sunset, the people in turkey will be busy preparing to go to the mosque, and this is centered on the Blue Mosque in Sultanahmet and the various celebrations held there, another mosque is the Sultan Eyup Mosque in Istanbul busy with activity throughout the month. Tips for you as a tourist, Avoid visiting the Mosque on Friday and evening, it is best to visit the mosque in the morning and afternoon.In the wee hours of the morning you will hear the sound of a drum beating as a characteristic of the people awakening people to fast, and it is already a tradition of Ramadan in Turkey.If you are fasting most people avoid touring or traveling, they prefer to stay at home, so if you as a tourist, do not feel ashamed to eat and drink in public places, even some famous tourist attractions in turkey will look lonely, but that should you avoid is to go to turkey in the last week of Ramadan or a week before Idul Fitri day, because the atmosphere will be very crowded, traffic jams peaked.There are many unique activities around the Blue Mosque in the Sultanahmet area of ​​Istanbul. Traditional sweets and specialty dishes will appear in cafes and restaurants. Make sure you try Gulach, a delicious dessert made with rose and walnut water, and special wheels “Roti Ramadhan” prepared with black sesame seeds. The big question is is it safe to visit Turkey during Ramadan? The fact of Visiting Turkey during Ramadan is like visiting a Christian country at Christmas. Tourists will be surprised and sometimes amazed at the generosity and hospitality of the Turks. Many tourists who feel satisfied and not sorry, traveling to Turkey during Ramadan, they can witness firsthand how the life of Muslim Turkey during the month.



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