Travel guide to Turkey and holiday tips in Turkey

Travel guide to Turkey and holiday tips in Turkey – Geographically Turkey is located between Greece and Italy so it makes it as a very interesting vacation spot with a blend of two cultures of western and eastern culture. Nevertheless, Turkey is one of the developed countries with the trademark of traditional culture.
There are many spectacles that you can find in Turkey where you will not find them anywhere in the world. One of the most popular Turkish baths.
If you take a holiday in turkey it is recommended that you use a yacht, with the difference in currency exchange rates with turkey currency will be a distinct advantage so that the cost of traveling by cruise ship becomes affordable and fun.

If you are interested in seeing a blend of eastern and western cultures then Istanbul is the choice. It only took at least three days to explore all the historical places in Turkey such as the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Rumeli Hisari and Hagia Sophia. In addition, if you are interested in studying the history of the Ottoman Empire you can visit Topkapi Palace.

The beach in Turkey is famous for its beautiful beaches as if the beach is endless, besides beautiful beaches there are many historical places near the beach. The Favorite beach in Turkey is Side, Kemer, Efesus, Kusadasi, Antalya and Bodrum and the most interesting is the butterfly valley in Oludeniz so many people call it the hidden surgea.
For typical Turkish food, you should try Turkish delicacies Turkey and Doner Turkey and do not forget you have to buy souvenirs of famous Turkish rugs.

Cultural diversity that is a blend of western culture and eastern culture make Turkey worthy of your holiday destination, you will find its own impression. Even so for those of you who like the entertainment at night Bodrum is the place, there are many cafes, restaurants are decorated vibrantly city lights. Do not forget to buy an antique gift in the city of Ephesus for you to take home.

The most popular destinations in Turkey:

1. Kemer
Kemer is a popular beach town in Turkey with beautiful old buildings and winding streets. In addition you can find historical relics of archaeological ruins.
2. Mamaris
If you want to spend the night in Turkey, Mamaris is the right city for you.
3. Side
In addition to Kemer, Side is a city of many archaeological ruins, so if you want to study the history of the Ottoman empire then Side is the place.
4. Olu Deniz
Olu Deniz is famous for its beautiful beaches and is in great demand by tourists. Beautiful and clean beaches and white sand beaches make Olu deniz the ultimate holiday destination for those wishing to holiday in Turkey


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